November 30, 2020

"This government became Trump's doggie"

Mexican forces dissolved the caravan of migrants who left Tapachula, Chiapas state, on Saturday to arrive in the United States, lawyer and activist Luis García Villagrán said Sunday. "This government became Trump's dog," he said.

Garcia told Efe that hundreds of elements of the federal forces stopped 613 migrants on the eve of the Chiapas coastal road and returned them to the "Siglo XXI" Migratory Station, from where they had left about 14 hours earlier.

The lawyer dismissed the version released last night by the National Institute of Migration (INM) in a statement that the institution "carried out actions to invite foreign people (…) to go to the Institute to learn about regularization options of your stay in the country. "

The official bulletin said that these actions were carried out "with full respect for human rights" and that after the authorities "dialogued with the members of the contingent, the foreigners agreed to get on the transport that the INM provided to transfer them to the 21st Century Migration Station ".

"Each one will be treated in a personalized manner and with those who are in charge, the administrative migration procedure will begin or, where appropriate, the return will be assisted to their countries of origin," said the INM.

But Garcia, who has helped migrants in their regularization procedures in the country, said government agents acted violently against foreigners, many of them women and children. "There is a lost child and five injured," he said.

The activist said that all 613 detainees were asylum seekers before the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (Comar), which allowed them to travel freely throughout the state of Chiapas (southeast). "That is very clear in the guidelines of the Comar. They (the agents) passed that through the arc of triumph," he said.

"It is an abuse of authority, a terrible repression, incredible. They raised women, children. It is the greatest repression against migrants by a government that says it is republican and democratic, and above all that claims to respect the rights Humans. This government became Donald Trump's dog, "he said.

Other migrants who had come forward managed to evade the agents in the vicinity of Huixtla, losing themselves in the thicket, said the lawyer, without specifying the number of those who managed to flee.

He explained that the migrants for now are evaluating their options, and that many want to continue their march on the train tracks. "But I see it very dangerous," he said.

In any case, he added, they are determined not to return to their countries of origin. "They told me 'We're going to die here, but nobody comes back to us. I didn't come here to get me back,'" he said.

Since October 2018, there has been a strong increase in the flow of migrants, mostly Central Americans, who access Mexico from Guatemala with the aim of reaching the neighboring northern country.

At the beginning of last June, the United States and Mexico reached an immigration agreement after US President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs on all Mexican products.

As a result, Mexico sent to the National and South borders to the National Guard, a security body created this year, which has caused in these months a reduction of 58.7% of the migratory flow.

The new caravan of nearly 3,000 Central American, Caribbean and African migrants left early on Saturday at Tapachula Saturday after being stranded for more than six months and tired of the cumbersome migration processes.

Migrants, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Cameroon, began the march along the coastal road that leads to the southern state of Oaxaca.

But members of the National Guard, federal police and personnel of the INM stopped the caravan in the vicinity of the crossing called Xochiltepec, municipality of Tuzantán, between Tapachula and Huixtla.

During the operation, personnel of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) witnessed and documented the actions to disintegrate the caravan and detain foreigners.

For almost two months, foreign migrants stranded in Tapachula have made numerous protests demanding that their procedures be expedited to travel through Mexico and go to the United States.

The pressure has been especially intense on the part of African migrants, who have starred in clashes with members of Mexican security forces.

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