April 11, 2021

This can affect the "end" of the A380 to the Spanish plants of Airbus

This can affect the "end" of the A380 to the Spanish plants of Airbus

The decision of the European aerospace manufacturer Airbus to put an end to deliveries of the A380 model in 2021 after the Emirates airline reduced its order book of this aircraft in 39 units, will affect a total of 3,500 workers, of which approximately 200 are distributed by the Spanish plants of Illescas (Toledo), Getafe (Madrid), Puerto Real (Cádiz) and Tablada (Seville).

Airbus will stop manufacturing the A380 and threatens more than 3,000 jobs

The factories most affected by the decision of the company would be those of Getafe, in Madrid, and that of Puerto Real, in Cádiz. Specifically, the horizontal stabilizer of the A380 is manufactured at the Getafe plant, among other parts. The Madrid factory is also responsible for producing two sections of the tail cone of this device.

The factory of Illescas, in Toledo, very close to Getefe, manufactures parts for different Airbus programs and is responsible for the manufacture of stern and bow fuselage components of all aircraft versions of the European firm, so that It is not known yet if it could also be affected.

As for the Cadiz factory in Puerto Real, it is responsible for the final assembly and functional tests of the A380 horizontal stabilizer, although it also manufactures parts for the A350 XWB, A330 and A320 families. In any case, the weight of the A380 in the personnel of this factory is decreasing since it began to diversify its work in 2015, with which the dependence of the giant of the skies is decreasing, so that of those around of its 500 workers, little more than fifty is dedicated to this plane.

Airbus' decision to cancel the A380 program has been taken after the Emirates airline has reduced its A380 order book from 162 to 123 aircraft. This decision, together with the reduction of orders from the rest of the airlines, has motivated Airbus' decision. An end that many already sensed. During the presentation of results last year, the company already warned that, if the orders did not increase, contemplated the cancellation of the project. Only an order "in extremis" of Emirates extended a year the life of the airplane, whose production was already maintained "at idle". Of the 18 units that were assembled years ago, it was only six last year. Union sources consulted by Efe assure that this reduction has allowed the staff to be gradually relocated in other projects and to avoid dismissals.


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