Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

“This award is for all the girls who read”

Woody Allen was once asked what Oviedo looked like and he replied: "It's like a fairy tale, with prince and everything." But something changed yesterday in the Asturian capital, and the writer remarked Siri Hustvedt, by pointing out that he was collecting his hand lettering award “from a girl who is a princess. And I would like it to be for all the girls who read many books on endless topics, who think, ask, doubt, imagine and refuse to be quiet. ”

The Princess (formerly Prince) of Asturias awards, with their combination of humanities, science, sport, cooperation and sustainability, have constituted for four decades for the current king of Spain a think tank which helped him keep up with the new and best of the global sociocultural landscape. Yesterday, also for those of us who had part of the thought put in Barcelona, ​​the ceremony was a pleasant lesson.

"Nature – says Sandra Myrna – are relationships, a build and grind and remake"

It was emphasized again by Siri Hustvedt, who advocated a more interdisciplinary culture “because I have witnessed again and again the problems caused by a too narrow approach. And this is valid both for the humanities student who has never bothered to think of tissues and cells as for the scientist who only thinks of neurons. ”

Hustvedt, well-known by Spanish readers for his novels, both very intellectual and autobiographical, has been accompanied by her husband, Paul Auster, awarded in 2006 and located in a discreet third level. And also his daughter Sophie Auster, singer who took the opportunity to present his album Next time in the precinct of La Fábrica.

The Campoamor theater ceremony allows viewers to make contact with Salman Khan, International Cooperation Award. Born in New Orleans to Indian parents, a mathematician by MIT, he devised a system to help study mathematics for a cousin of his who lived far away. Today its educational platform – and free – online, the Khan Academy, present in 190 countries, has 20,000 videos available and has received 1.4 billion views.

Khan told the story of Sultana, a student in Afghanistan. The Taliban banned girls from going to school. A brother-in-law bought him a laptop. Through the Khan Academy he learned mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. After overcoming the difficulties of rigor, he is currently investigating quantum computing in an American elite center, hosted by political asylum.

Sandra Myrna Díaz, biologist, has received the prize of Scientific and Technical Research. Together with Joanne Chory, they look for “superplants” especially potent in the absorption of carbon dioxide, as a way to combat climate change.

“Nature – he explained in a poetic tone – is, fundamentally, relationships, it is a build and grind and always remake with the same materials. And in this wonderful intermingling, the supreme alchemist is the plants. ”

The Prado Museum, Communication and Humanities prize was collected by the president of the board of trustees Javier Solana, the director Miguel Falomir and Laura Fernández, head of room guards. The institution has received the award coinciding with the bicentennial of its creation, which aimed to host the paintings and sculptures from the royal collections.

They also receive from the Leonor Princess their parchment Peter Brook, prize of the Arts, one of the greats of the contemporary scene, today nonagenario and creator of such mythical montages as Marat / Sade or Mahabharata ; Lindsey Vonn, Sports award, and Alpine skier with best honors; Alejandro Porles, Social Sciences Prize, specialized in the study of migration, which advocates allowing “orderly flows” from the worst-off countries to the developed countries, through collaboration agreements.

Aleksandra Maria Dulkiewicz is mayor of Gdansk, Concord prize. The jury considered that the Polish city, of tortured history, in whose gunners the Solidarnosc union was born, embodies the values ​​of democracy and Europe. His predecessor, Pavel Adamowicz, was killed by a fan.

The evening concludes in the theater. The lesson on the challenges of our world is closed, by strong speakers. A careful and beautiful ceremony. When the 2020 call is announced, the think tank who has nurtured references for almost four decades to Felipe de Borbón is now at the service of his daughter, the future Queen of Spain.

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