Thirty ultras arrested for trying to bust a march of the LGTBI Pride in Poland

More than thirty ultras have been arrested this Saturday after trying to burst the march of the LGBTI Pride in Lublin, east of Poland. The demonstration had been banned by the town hall of the town alleging security reasons, but the Justice allowed the act after the appeal of the convening organizations, which could finally celebrate the march between a strong police device.

Precisely, ultra groups tried to break the police cordon around the hundreds of people who came to the concentration in favor of the rights of the LGTBI collective. The ultras thus caused confrontations with the agents and more than 30 arrests.

Lublin, with about 350,000 inhabitants, is the ninth city in Poland and has been governed since 2010 by the center-right Liberal Citizen Platform. His mayor, Krzystof Zuk, had banned the march for "the security risk" in the same area of ​​an exhibition of historic military vehicles where people "contrary to LGTBI positions" would attend.

Zuk also explained his intention to avoid events such as those that took place in Bialystok last July, when ultras groups broke up a similar initiative, assaulted several LGTBI activists and staged clashes with the police that ended up with several wounded and detained.

Last year the March of the Pride of Lublin, one of the most conservative provincial capitals in Poland, where the Catholic Church has an important presence, took place among the harassment of ultras groups and protected by the police, who came to use a Water cannon and pepper gas to disperse countermanifestants.

In Poland, where general elections are held on October 13, LGTBI rights have become protagonists of the electoral campaign, as has happened in the past European elections.

From the ruling party, the nationalist and conservative Law and Justice (PiS), the LGTBI movements are openly criticized and their attempts to obtain more rights for this group, described as "enemy" of "homeland values."

The LGTBI organizations in Poland have repeatedly denounced a regrowth of homophobia in this country coinciding with the proximity of the elections, which they blame directly for the "radical" discourse of the PiS.

The ruling party starts as a clear favorite in the elections, with close support of 40% of the votes, according to the latest polls.

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