Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Thirty-four elders remain in the residence reported by the Office of the Prosecutor

A total of 34 elders remain this Thursday in the private residence Arzobispo Morcillo, in Soto del Real (Madrid), which will close the regional government after the prosecution urged him to do so to appreciate danger to the health and integrity of its users.

The Community of Madrid will close the residence after verifying that the center is not guaranteeing the adequate medical attention, nor the basic cares to the users, nor its adequate feeding.

The decision was made last Wednesday at the request of the Prosecutor's Office, which requested it after a routine visit made Monday by the attorney of Alcobendas specialist in disabilities in which found the state "deplorable" to the elderly and facilities.

The 34 residents who remain in the residence, where on Wednesday there were 60 users, are served by the professionals of the center itself, although their healthcare is being supervised by professionals of the Ministry of Health, have explained sources from the Ministry of Social Policy and Family.

The same sources have indicated that the elderly who remain in the residence do so because their relatives "are still looking for an alternative", knowing that the center will remain open until Saturday, according to his address.

Being a private center, it is the family members themselves who must seek a new residence, while if it were public "the Ministry would have looked for an alternative".

However, from the Community have recalled that they have committed to give an "emergency" to those families that in this short period of time can not find another place to host their elders.

From the Ministry of Social Policy and Family insist that "from the first moment" are in contact with relatives of residents, who were contacted "one by one, by telephone, to inform them of the situation."

In addition, all of them were provided with a list of nearby centers and they have been assured that, in the case of not being able to take care of their family member, they will be provided "temporarily" an emergency room.

Inspectors of the Ministry of Social Policies and Families have moved back to Soto del Real on Thursday to check that the attention to these residents "is being correct."

For its part, the mayor of Soto del Real, Juan Lobato, told Efe that the City Council has not received "a single complaint" about this private residence.

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