Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Third clubs rebel against Rubiales for the Copa del Rey

They denounce that the Federation has left out of the aid to dispute the Cup to almost a dozen teams

The new format of the Copa del Rey is one of the successes of Rubiales, a more democratic and inclusive tournament that has allowed Third Division clubs to face First teams. But now it’s those modest clubs those who denounce the breach of Rubiales which has generated gr “birds economic problems to some of them.

“They are desperate, because the Cup was a tremendous expense and now they do not find the promised financial compensation, fulfilling each and every one of the requirements requested by the RFEF ”, explains in a statement Proliga, the association that defends the interests of the clubs of Second B and Third Division.

The Federation has decided to exclude from those grants, “unilaterally” the clubs that last season were in a category lower than Third. “In a review of the general and specific requirements issued by the RFEF before the start of the competition, there is no condition that, in order to be a beneficiary of Club grants that participate in the Copa del Rey in the 2019/2020 Season, they must having played in the Third Division in the 2018/2019 Season, ”explains ProLiga.

The clubs assure that the reduction of the aid causes that the Federation has contributed 693,100 euros, when the budget in the program was 1,191,000 euros.


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