They withdraw a letter from the mayor of Palma for his numerous spelling mistakes – La Provincia

They withdraw a letter from the mayor of Palma for his numerous spelling mistakes - La Provincia

"San Sebastian is here, with him, the desire to go out on the street" or "this year, you'll see what's new" or this "hilarious" with a children's pregonet that happens in Plaza Maior, because all the boys and girls can bring spicy peppers to the Dragon of na Coca "are some of the bulk errors in the speech of the council member Eva Frade, on the web of program of parties in its Spanish version.

In each paragraph there is one. Mistakes grammar and spelling which are also found in the speech of the mayor Antoni Noguera: "The Fiestas de San Sebastián ia are here", the first just beginning his speech that will close, with a "many years and happy holidays of San Sebastian".

Before the barrage of complaints, Cort has withdrawn the Spanish version of the website for containing "automatic translation errors" and ensures that in "these days" a "translation in Spanish" will be posted.

From the department responsible for the festivities of Palma, are excused with the argument that "since 2015, as provided by the municipal policy of language policy, the festival program of Sant Sebastià, is published exclusively in Catalan and on the web www hangs a translation in Spanish without layout (in word) ".

"We regret that an error has been posted draft version in Spanish with numerous errata and we apologize. "

Everything indicates that since Cort they have used instant translator of Google without after collating it.
Remember that the website has cost the City Council nothing and that in this first week they have received 70,000 visits.

The lack of concordance between subject and verbal tense provoked some laughter speeches, typical of Mallorcan costumbrista comedy. such as "many years" with which Noguera wishes happy holidays. Simultaneous translation affects the program of the festivities in its entirety. Thus the names of some of the artists of the Palma 40 Pop concert, held on January 12, were altered, especially in those whose last name contains one and which in the translation into Spanish remained with Latin.


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