They warn of a fraudulent campaign that supplants the Tax Agency

They warn of a fraudulent campaign that supplants the Tax Agency

The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) has warned on Monday that it has detected a Fraudulent campaign (phishing) through e-mail simulating emails from the Tax Agency.

The INCIBE, based in León, has informed by means of a statement that any employee who receives the mail and in particular those who manage the taxes may be affected.

The message, he warns, seems to be an official communication from the Spanish Tax Agency with a text that informs you that a tax refund will be made, for which you are asked to click on a link that is included in the text of the email itself.

If the link is followed, it may appear a form designed to steal the identification data of the user's credit card.

This is another key element that should make us suspect that it is a fraud since it informs that you are going to receive money (a refund) but, nevertheless, requests the data of the credit card (which is a means of payment ), the INCIBE has insisted.

As in any other case of 'phishing', it is recommended to be suspicious of all messages received by email in which money is offered to the user if they participate in any activity, so the general recommendation when receiving these emails is to delete them without opening them , they have insisted from the center.


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