They throw a tear gas bomb in an act of the opposition Guaidó in the west of Caracas

They throw a tear gas bomb in an act of the opposition Guaidó in the west of Caracas

A tear gas bomb was thrown this Friday in the vicinity of the place arranged for the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by some 60 nations, to offer a speech to the crowd that was concentrated to support him in the west of Caracas.

So far it is unknown who released the tear gas in the back of the truck that served as platform, a few minutes before the speech of Guaidó began, where several dozens of Chavistas were gathered who harangued slogans in favor of the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

The oficialistas, smaller in number in front of the sympathizers of Guaidó, were contained by a picket of officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) which did not prevent members of both concentrations exchanged cries and produced on the site some shoving.

Some of those who identified themselves as sympathetic to Chavismo threw several bottles and stones at the site, El Valle de Caracas parish, without injuring themselves beyond a dozen of those affected by the tear gas.

Guaidó, head of the Venezuelan Parliament, spoke for about ten minutes to his supporters and left unscathed from the site, considered a bastion of Chavismo, after calling on citizens to participate in the protests called for tomorrow and next Saturday.

The antichavism is expected to manifest this Saturday throughout the country against the blackout this week that interrupted the normality of services for about four days.

This activity, according to Guaidó, will also serve to express the rejection of the usurpation that, considers, Maduro makes of the Presidency for having obtained the re-election in elections labeled as fraudulent and in which the bulk of the opposition did not participate.

The followers of Maduro also have planned to demonstrate tomorrow to defend the so-called Bolivarian revolution that accuses its detractors for the electrical failures and for all the problems of the Venezuelan crisis.


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