December 5, 2020

They take 22 helicopters caught in a cove without access to Xbia – La Provincia

The paradise cove of In Caló de Xàbia (Alicante), which has no access by land, was the scene last night of a distressing rescue. Twenty people were trapped in the cove and the night was thrown on them. The wind (there was orange alert and the gusts reached 120 km / h) it blew there with force and the sea, Quiet first thing in the morning, he got angry. The trapped had come by minibus from Valencia. In La Granadella, they went to sea in paddle surf boards. They rowed to the Cova del Llop Marí and there they were already surprised by a swell that was getting stronger. They could not return to the Granadella. They sought refuge and found it in the cove of En Caló. But it only has access by sea. And the storm prevented escape. In addition, a woman who participated in the sea excursion fractured her arm. The trapped gave the alarm.

The deployment to get them out of the coastal trap was impressive. The Helimer, the Maritime Rescue helicopter, first rescued the injured woman and a minor. The others were fine, but very distressed. The aircraft then evacuated the trapped seven by seven. He moved them to Alicante. At 23 hours, the rescue operation. There were four people left in the cove, who were to be evacuated shortly. In addition, four specialists from the Geas (Underwater Activities Group) and the Greim (Special Rescue Group for Mountain Intervention) of the Civil Guard arrived with two zodiacs to the cove. They brought to the trapped blankets thermal and water.

In the Granadella, the advanced command post of the operation was set up. Maritime Rescue, Local Police, Civil Guard, firefighters of the Alicante Consortium, the Red Cross and Civil Protection participated.

He immediately discarded down the cliff to where they were trapped. The cut is tremendously unstable and there was a risk of detachment. This danger was also taken into account in the approach of the helicopter.

It was also not safe to evacuate athletes in zodiacs. The storm gained strength as the afternoon progressed. When about 17 hours the trapped warned the sea was already very rough.

Companions of these 21 people went to the Granadella Creek to follow the evolution of the rescue. This group had arrived in the morning in a minibus from Valencia. A van, last night parked on this beach, transported paddle surf boards. It was an activity they had prepared with time. They didn't suspend her despite himTo alert for strong winds.

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