March 1, 2021

They sighting a great yubarta whale with its cra in the waters of the Canary Islands – La Provincia

In El Hierro one of the most incredible shows that the sea can offer, the sighting of the great mammals of the oceans, has been seen on Tuesday.

The professional fisherman Moises Castellano on an exit to the sea found a great yubarta whale with his young and recorded them using his mobile phone.

In the limits of the Marine Reserve of El Hierro it is possible to observe sometimes these animals in freedom and without any type of human intervention.

Remember that humpback whales are one of the largest whales with sizes that can reach 16 meters in length and 36 tons in weight.

Once again, after sharing a video with sharks in the waters of El Hierro, a diving club in El Hierro shares the real wonders that are enjoyed daily on the southernmost island of the Canary archipelago.


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