They sell in Wallapop for 10,000 euros four doors that could be from Gaudí's Pedrera

Four wooden doors, which could come from the La Pedrera building, built by Antoni Gaudí at the beginning of the last century in Barcelonahave been put up for sale on the platform Wallapop worth 10,000 euros2,500 per piece.

According to the blog 'Salvem la Rotonda' and published this Saturday by 'El País', a man named Francisco, from La Seu d'Urgell (Lleida)is the seller of the doors that, on the platform for buying and selling second-hand objects, he describes as some ancient objects from La Pedrera.

While the Catalonia La Pedrera Foundation, which manages the property, questions its authenticity, one of the greatest experts in furniture by the Catalan artistLouis Guellburt, no doubt they are authentic, "built in Gaudí's time, because of the moldings and how they are made". In his opinion, "nobody is going to carve a door now that would cost them about 5,000 euros and then paint them to look old and then sell them on Wallapop for 2,500 euros, they would lose money. Copies of the furniture have been made, but of the doors never", he explains to El País.

The doors, painted in ochre, present, in general, a disrepair conservation. Three of them maintain the original plaster frame, decorated with undulating plant-inspired shapes and the nails that would fix them to the wall, indicating that they were removed during renovations, according to the newspaper.

Images of the doors that could be by Gaudí and that are sold on Wallapop. wallapop

Three of the doors are solid, decorated with panels and in two the ergonomic knobs are preserved, like those created by Gaudí, and in one the number 12 can be seen. The fourth door is not solid, since its upper part is made of translucent glass , although "you can see that it is modern".

For the building that Gaudí built for Roser Segimon and her second husband, Pere Milà, the architect wanted all the doors to be made of oak -like the ones he made for the show floor- but Segimon refused to make them so expensive and in the end they ended up being of pine, except those of his floor.

In 1946, when Segimon sold the central Barcelona building to the real estate company Provenza, some of the houses were reformed to get a higher return. Later, in 1986, Caixa Catalunya bought the property and also refurbished the flats so that they were left empty.

For Guellburt, the doors now for sale "were placed and belonged to one of the flats of La Pedrera. They were ripped off and could have ended up in a dumpster", something that has already happened with some thirty doors that are now preserved in the MNAC and that were collected from a container next to Casa Batlló. In 2019, the Gaudí chair deposited another four doors in the La Pedrera Design Museum, two frames and fragments of the parquet from the renovation of the main floor.

For all these reasons, Luis Guellburt demands that a Gaudí Foundation be created to "protect, care for, advise and control assets of the architect and the actions carried out in it".

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