They seize 561 kilos of cocaine in scrap containers originating in Panama

They seize 561 kilos of cocaine in scrap containers originating in Panama

National Police agents have seized 561 kilos of cocaine hidden in scrap containers from Panama and they have arrested the four people responsible for the reception, extraction and distribution of the narcotic substance in a warehouse in the industrial estate of Almassora (Castellón). The drugs were hidden inside six large metal cylinders, among thousands of kilos of scrap metal.

The operation has allowed the investigated criminal organization to be "completely" dismantled.

The operation, jointly with Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency, has allowed "completely" dismantle the criminal organization investigated and intervene 23,315 euros in cash, a large displacement vehicle and tools used in the extraction of drugs, such as radials and 75 cutting discs, among other items, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

The investigation It started last Octoberwhen the agents learned of the arrival of four "suspicious" containers at the Port of Valencia aboard a ship from Panama.

Metal cylinders among the scrap metal

The containers, in which according to had been declared as legal merchandise there was scrap metal, They arrived in Spain at the beginning of November, with a delivery address at a scrapyard company located in the Almassora industrial estate (Castellón).

In a first inspection of the containers in the Port, researchers detected that metal scrap trash was included There were six large "apparently" solid metal cylinders. Weighing hundreds of kilos, they were "anomalous" in relation to the rest of the merchandise transported, which was thousands of kilos of scrap metal.

Given the "difficulty" of carrying out a "more exhaustive" inspection of the merchandise due to the large dimensions and weighing of the suspicious cylinders, the agents monitored them with the aim of identifying their recipients and confirming whether in Inside there could be narcotic substances.

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Once the containers left the Port of Valencia, they were transferred to a warehouse belonging to a scrapyard company located in the Almassora industrial estate. There, the agents observed how the person responsible for it, accompanied by two other people, inspected and controlled the unloading operations, while examining the merchandise. In addition, he paid "special attention" to the six metal cylinders.

On the other hand, they have confirmed the presence of a fourth person on the ship, whose mission would presumably be to carry out the operations to extract cocaine from inside the cylinders.

Finally, the researchers broke into the company and made an incision with a radial in one of the cylinders. Thus, they have discovered that, indeed, he was hiding cocaine inside.

Three people are arrested in Alcorcón for distributing drugs in a heated vehicle

The agents They have arrested the four people who were there and seized the van of one of those arrested, inside which 5,750 euros and numerous tools were found, such as a radial, 75 cutting discs, drill bits and a respiratory protection mask, all of them intended to "facilitate "the extraction of the drug.

The operation has allowed seize 561 packages of cocaine, one kilo each, with different logos. On the other hand, the agents have also intervened in a large displacement vehicle, in the trunk of which they have located 12,000 euros in cash hidden in a sealed plastic bag, 150 euros more in the glove compartment, a laptop computer and a geolocation device (beacon). .

Finally, in the searches carried out at the homes of two of those arrested, in Madrid and Valencia, Agents found more cash and documentation related to the facts investigated.