June 21, 2021

They seek to prevent the arrival of inmates infected by COVID-19 in Central Mexico

With protests and slogans, residents of the municipality of Tecali de Herrera, in the Mexican state of Puebla, Central Mexico, demanded that the authorities avoid the transfer of inmates, possibly infected by COVID-19, to the demarcation prison, because According to them, this poses a risk to their families.

The conflict began when the Governor of the entity, Miguel Barbosa announced that transfers of prisoners from different prisons would be carried out after more than 50 inmates tested positive for coronavirus, so different strategies would have to be implemented to prevent the spread of the illness.

The authorities revealed that 13 infected persons were found in the Huejotzingo municipal prison and another 38 in the San Miguel Ixitlán prison, so the first option was to transfer the inmates to a prison that was not saturated.

Given this possibility, Aurora Cruz, an inhabitant of the aforementioned municipality, assured that transferring those 50 inmates to the municipality “puts the population at risk, since the prison space is small and is located in the Historic Center.

In addition, the woman said that the site “does not have the appropriate conditions for those infected, but especially because they can cause damage to those who transit the area.”

He said that the director of the prison told residents that there are 30 prisoners in the prison “and they are healthy and the conditions are not suitable for more inmates” because those who are already sleep on cement beds, on the floor, on mats or cardboard. .

“You believe that it is apt that they bring 50 inmates contaminated with COVID-19, that is the concern, because here in Tecali there are no infections due to the disease,” the woman questioned the media.

He emphasized that his objective is to avoid “damaging the population by decisions not analyzed and taken lightly.”

Given this, he considered it necessary to give them certainty that no outsider will come, and in the same way he said that the majority of the inhabitants who protested do not have any family member in prison, “but they seek the welfare of all.”

In their protest, the protesters carried banners with the phrases: “Barbossa, I voted for you and that is how you pay us! For the health of all we do not want prisoners! It is not politics, it is Tecali! For the welfare of Tecali no to the inmates, no to the transfer of sick inmates! “, addressed to the authorities.

During the demonstration, Jesús Hugo Cruz, Commissioner of the Ministry of the Interior, arrived, who assured that the option that had for the transfer of inmates was canceled, so the document will be delivered in writing, to avoid that such action will be carried out .

“We will not have this Cereso as a COVID-19 issue, it is completely void, we are working hard on this issue, we are focused on the issue of health, we are concerned with the issue of reviving the economy”, Cruz pointed out.

Meanwhile, the municipal president of Tecali de Herrera, Erasto Amador Báez assured that he will work for the well-being of the citizens, so since the nonconformities began, he works to avoid the transfer of inmates from other prisons to his demarcation.

“I make it clear that Tecali is not considered to receive people deprived of their liberty, I mention it and clarify it for those countrymen and companions who have been pending day and night of the prison,” he said.

Until this Thursday, in the state of Puebla, the health authorities registered 2,082 infections and 257 deaths, in addition to 1,293 people recovered.


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