June 24, 2021

They seek in Colombia to take advantage of 40% of packaging and packaging waste in 2030

The Punto Azul Corporation set a goal that 40% of the packaging and packaging waste placed on the market by the more than 500 companies in Colombia that are linked to its plan be used and promote the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN.

“We at the Blue Point Corporation are betting on a bigger impact that allows us to reach 40% by 2030. We want to go beyond the (current legal) norm and go within the framework of true social responsibility business, “Jorge Trujillo, executive director of the entity, told Efe.

He also explained that currently “of the packaging that is placed on the market only 16% is really profitable”, so it is intended that “the companies we represent have a volume of use of twice what is generated today in day”.

“It is a sad figure that shows us that there is much to do and that there must be a commitment on the part of the public sector and also of the private sector, in addition to society. If any of these three levels is not committed, we cannot move towards goal we have, “he said.


The manager explained that Punto Azul, which is also the largest corporation in Colombia in responsible management of drug waste, seeks with the initiative to take advantage of packaging and packaging to generate a “reverse logistics collection process”.

“It is necessary to move towards a circular economy, towards environmental sustainability and a real impact on those UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the National Development Plan of Colombia and an initiative with global purposes that break any political barrier -administrative, “he said.

As part of compliance with the packaging and packaging plan, the Punto Azul Corporation will install 140 containers this year in Colombia to receive the waste, locate 50 collection points with its affiliates and lead five collection days in geographically difficult areas.

“30,000 million pesos (about 8.8 million dollars) have been invested in this initiative and we have a projection that the investment by 2025 will be more than 100,000 million pesos (about 29.5 million dollars),” he said. Trujillo


However, the executive is aware that there are several challenges that must be overcome to meet his objective, such as that to reach 40% of the use in 2030 in Colombia there is still no technology needed to achieve it.

“We are turning around and we are going to have the most advanced technology in the field of circular economy in 2023, being the only plant with these characteristics in the region. The investment is high and is already under way, maybe we will start the operation in the second 2022 semester, but the projection is at 2023, “he added.

Similarly, Trujillo said, the idea is that by 2025 the corporation will have “more than 1,200 companies represented.”

“Currently we are representing the largest in terms of packaging and packaging, also 97% of the pharmaceutical sector, in addition to some large-scale companies. It is important to add companies and resources to generate a greater environmental impact,” said Trujillo.

In its 10 years of experience, the Punto Azul Corporation has ratified itself as an important actor in Colombia in terms of health care and the environment, because through it more than 900 tons of drug waste have been properly disposed of by The pharmaceutical industry


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