January 28, 2021

They rise to 899 cases of coronavirus in Honduras, the dead remain at 75

The cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Honduras rose to 899 this Friday, when authorities confirmed 95 new infected, while the fatalities from said disease in the country remain in 75 cases.

This day 216 tests were carried out, of which 95 were positive for coronaviruses, which brings the total number of infections to 899, said the spokesman for the National Risk Management System (Sinager), Francis Contreras, on a radio station and television.

Of the total number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, 88 are registered in the department of Cortés, in the north of the country, the most affected, and seven in Francisco Morazán, where the capital Tegucigalpa is located, he added.

Contreras indicated that, of the total of those infected, 200 are hospitalized, 138 of them are stable, nine in serious condition and twelve in intensive care.

The other patients are “monitored” by personnel from the health region, said the official, who announced that today there are no new deaths due to the disease, for which deaths remain at 75.


The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, today called for “the unity and responsibility” of Hondurans to contain the spread of the coronavirus, a deadly disease for which there is still no vaccine.

“We are living in a difficult situation” and it is the responsibility of each Honduran to take preventive measures, because “there is no vaccine for COVID-19,” Hernández stressed on a radio and television channel, accompanied by several of his ministers.

The Honduran government has “a large batch” of PCR tests to diagnose the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, said the president, who said that more than 300 tests are carried out daily in his country.

He stressed that if rapid tests are not “reliable they can be a serious error”, although he pointed out that there are experts who say that they are, and therefore, it is necessary to look for those that allow greater screening.

However, Hernández called for “prudence and conscience” from the population, and recalled the mandatory use of a mask, permanent hand washing with soap and water, and social distancing, as preventive measures against the disease.

“I am sure that from the hand of God we are going to get off well,” emphasized President Hernández, who said that each Honduran must “continue to work on his part”, because “we cannot lower our arms, we cannot trust ourselves.”

He also said that before making any decision, he will listen to the opinion of experts, since the main objective is “to take care of the life of all Hondurans, this is above all.”


Health authorities closed a company in Tegucigalpa today after 20 of its 132 employees tested positive for the pathogen causing COVID-19 due to neglect of biosecurity measures, reported the chief of surveillance of the epidemic, Karla Pavón.

The official indicated that the company, of which she did not specify details, “is already intervened” to try to control the spread of the virus, which so far has infected 20 employees.

The twenty infected people live in 17 colonies (neighborhoods) of Tegucigalpa and three municipalities of Francisco Morazán, central region of the country, which have been intervened by the health authorities.

Of the 804 diagnosed cases, ten are in intensive care, 25.3% of them suffer from hypertension and 24.1% diabetes, according to official figures.


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