Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

They reveal the winner of Big Brother Duo hours before the final

They reveal the winner of Big Brother Duo hours before the final

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It is the subject of conversation of the moment in bars and coffee shops throughout Spain.There are only a few hours to know the result but the surveys are already giving everything.The reality of couples of Telecinco lives these days its final stretch and many of its viewers (the audience is counted by millions) want to know the name of the winner who will take a briefcase of 100,000 euros. A prize that, in addition, would have to add everything that the contestant in question could have won before in the house thanks to its cache. It talks about who can be the winner of Big Brother Dúo and it seems that María Jesús Ruiz has all the ballots.

Lovers of conspiracies assure that everything is decided in advance. That there will be no surprises.But there may be last minute changes. The followers of the format say that days ago Kiko Hernandez (one of the most controversial collaborators of Sálvame), announced that sources of the company had confessed that the winner of the program was going to be María Jesús Ruiz, the former model that has starred in some of the the most tense moments of the house. And it should not go wrong. In all the surveys that have been done on the internet in the last hours (both on specialized websites in the world of television and on the social networks of many fans of the program and of many followers of the celebrities who are inside the house at present)already they give by winner to the exmodelo by overwhelming percentages that speak of that it could even rise with 40%of the votes.

The public would support, if confirmed this triumph, the bad times that María Jesús would have spent inside the house with some compañeros who from the first moment have positioned themselves against her.

Those who follow the program even assure that María Jesús has already begun to celebrate her triumph. Yesterday night after the gala the finalists that are still within the four walls of Guadalix de la Sierra (where shortly some of the contestants of Sálvame will be locked in order to prolong the success)They held a party in which they assure that the former model could be seen "excessively happy".Those who believe in conspiracies say that I even knew I was going to win.

Miss Spain was two decades ago came to star in one of the romances of the edition.But the "mess" with Antonio Tejado did not last for a few weeks.Then everything was cut short and the fights and the confrontations began. Something that was seen coming for a long time if you consider that Telecinco locked in the most famous house of television people who maintained or had maintained a relationship and had ended badly.


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