May 14, 2021

They reveal by mistake the name of the next contestant of Big Brother VIP 7 – La Provincia

Big Brother VIP 7 will have this week a new contestant inside the house.This was stated in the last hours by the producers of the program in the words of its star hostJorge Javier Vazquez. A mess as soon as the contest begins. This new entry is due to the early departure ofNuria MHwho left the house early because of an illness that she has already reported that she is fully recovered.

Now withNuria MHoutside the house ofGuadalix de la Sierra,Big Brother VIP 7You will have a new contestant. It is not yet known for sure who will be, but in the last hours the CM ofMy TV, the Mediaset platform from which the program can be followed through its app, had a small slip. In one of his tweets the @miteleonline account put the following message: "In the moment of Saturday Delux, Diego Matamoros, contestant of GH VIP, is excited to talk about the possible disloyalty of his wife"It was an oversight, but when everyone is waiting to know the name of the new contestant maybe theCMI should be more attentive to what he publishes. The message, how could it be otherwise, was erased a few moments after seeing the light.

The answer as to why it would beDiego Matamoroswho will enter the house is simple. The son ofKiko Matamorosis married to one of the contestants who is giving more talk inside the house ofBig Brother VIP 7,Estela Grande. His wife is living a deeper and closer approach withKiko Jimenez, the boyfriend of a winner of Big BrotherhowSofia Suescun.Their relationship has not gone beyond the typical foolishness of this type of program, but both Matamoros and Suescun have already made it clear that they don't like anything that is happening inside the house.If the stem input ofKiko MatamorosIt is certified we will be facing a train crash within the most watched program on current television.

In the last weeks and after the departure ofDinio and Hugo Castejón Big Brother Vip 7You need to stretch a plot that will ensure the viewers' attention.Jorge Javier Vazquezwill announce the name of the new contestant at the next gala of the contest. It remains to be seen how the reception of the house will be to the new character that will appear atTelecinco.


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