They rescue a girl lost adrift on her unicorn float on the high seas - La Provincia

A four-year-old girl has been rescued when she was floating completely alone and lost adrift on the high seas. The girl, who was completely terrified, she held onto her unicorn float until she was spotted by a boat. It has happened in Antirrio, Greece.

It was a gust of wind that kept the girl away from the coast and her parents: Apparently, the family was enjoying a day at the beach on the Greek coast of Antirrio when the waves washed the little girl out to sea. Once the girl disappeared, the relevant port alert was given and it was the passengers of the "Salaminomachos" ferry who sighted the minor, who was quickly treated by health personnel and later handed over to her family.

Professionals and lifeguards highlight the insecurity of the fashion of the giant floats, especially because of the danger of capsizing or being swept away when there are ocean currents. In 2018 alone, there were more than 20 rescues from giant floats in Britain. Never forget that children are the most vulnerable to the aquatic environment. It only takes 27 seconds for a twelve-month-old baby to drown, ”the professionals highlight.


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