“They report every 30 minutes” – The Province

José Muiños assured this newspaper yesterday that “China is a great unknown to the West, in many ways, and in the specific case of how it is managing the coronavirus epidemic since the focus was detected in Wuhan, it may be even more unknown.” “The Chinese authorities inform the population from time to time, I would say that every 15 or 30 minutes, they provide new data on the progress of the virus condition, such as the number of confirmed cases, but they also send messages to reassure the population, what you should do if you notice any symptoms or use the masks among other issues. ” He adds that “of course that a comfortable situation is not being lived among the population, but the Chinese are a very aware people who, in cases like this one of the epidemic the coronavirus, follow the guidelines, protocols and recommendations that the authorities indicate” , although “these guidelines are very uncomfortable because what is best advised is not to leave the house if it is not strictly necessary,” said Muiños.

This young man from Tenerife studied Business Administration and Management at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as the International Directorate of Tourism and Leisure Companies at the European University of the Canary Islands. His training has taken him to China, the Asian giant that now faces being the focus of the coronavirus, a disease that already extends to 18 countries with more than 8,000 confirmed patients, a situation in which WHO yesterday declared the international alert for the advance of the epidemic.

José Muiños, however, insists on the organization and the degree of responsibility with which the protocols to be implemented have been taken to prevent the virus from spreading. “The government authorities are doing very well and not only establishing measures to protect their citizens, but to protect the rest of the world, preventing their own citizens from traveling outside the country and establishing very strict controls to prevent the virus from spread, especially in Wuhan City. “

However, the young Tenerife recognizes that “it is not one of the best situations that can be lived, it is clear, because you force yourself to make a life from home to work and work at home, and this is something widespread; people do not know he plays it and has stopped making social life. I think it’s the right thing, especially in this initial stage of a disease that still doesn’t know for sure how fast it can spread and, in this sense, people in China is very aware. “

Report to reassure

One of the issues on which the authorities most affect are the indications of the protective elements to try to avoid contagion, such as the types of masks that the population should use because not all of them serve to protect themselves from viruses, Muiños says. “The type of masks they should use when they go out is informed, the importance of hygiene such as washing their hands constantly. This is very important and I think it is one of the keys so that people know what they have what to do”.

The young man from Tenerife remembers that “in China the holidays are being celebrated for the New Year, and it is customary here that many people move from the big cities to which they have emigrated to work and return to the regions where they are originally from and their homes reside families. “

“For the tourism sector these were good dates for the celebration of the New Year, but the spread of the coronavirus has caused the cancellation of many reservations in hotels and means of transport.” “It has been a jug of cold water, but I understand that the Government already plans to take measures so that the blow to the sector is not so devastating,” he says.

In the end, although Muiños highlights the good organization of the Chinese authorities and praises the behavior of the citizens, it points out that there is no doubt that “they are uncertain moments and the population lives with great nervousness a situation that, for now, is not known how it will evolve, “he concludes.


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