They reject with a "besatón" massive discrimination to gay couple in Bogotá

Dozens of members of the LGTBI community protested Wednesday with chants, white roses and a massive "Besatón" in front of the Andean shopping center in Bogotá, after two young men reported that a man assaulted them and accused them of doing "obscene acts" in front of children while they kissed in the place.

Among the crowd gathered outside the establishment, located in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the north of the Colombian capital, colorful multicolored flags representing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGTBI) and banners with messages such as "the Kisses are affection, not crime. "

Since Sunday, the two young people, Nicolás Téllez and Esteban Miranda, published on social networks a video in which a man is seen incriminating them of "touching" each other in front of the children's playground of the shopping center, accusations that they denied and They asked to check the security cameras of the place to check it.

Later, police arrived at the site to stop the confrontation, but ended up imposing a fine on the couple for "behaviors that affect tranquility and respectful relationships", something that the protesters also rejected.

This episode sparked a controversy in social networks, where later a video of the events that generated various opinions was disseminated, among them those of people who defended the youth and called the "Besatón".

"We feel very good to receive all the support of the community (...) making us visible as part of this citizenship that enjoys full rights and that can have their constitutional freedoms," said Efe Miranda, who like his partner studies medicine at the National University in Bogotá.

During the demonstration, some people arrived with colorful outfits and there were others who even threw fire into the sky to be noticed.

Another of those present was the lawyer of Téllez and Miranda, Alejandro Michells, who told Efe that in the security videos of the shopping center "nothing is seen" of the reported by the alleged aggressor, identified as Pedro Costa.

That is why their attorneys filed a complaint "for the crimes of personal injury of discrimination" against the man, and challenged the economic sanction imposed by the police.

Michells also noted that "the videos are not edited as some people pointed out."

The "Besatón" was summoned by activists under the slogan "Furia marica" ​​and, according to Miranda, it serves to make "a call that we must recognize ourselves and not allow more discrimination towards minorities".

Likewise, Téllez invited Costa to say in public "no more homophobia and yes to liberation, to love and to diversity".

"We will overcome hate with love, we will overcome the prejudices we have in an egalitarian society where nobody has more rights than anyone," he concluded.


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