They reinforce security in 1,600 kilometers of Pemex pipelines to prevent theft

They reinforce security in 1,600 kilometers of Pemex pipelines to prevent theft

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced today the reinforcement of the surveillance in 1,600 kilometers of Pemex pipelines to avoid the multimillion dollar robbery of fuel, and appealed again to the tranquility before the shortage of gasoline in some states.

"We are going to strengthen the surveillance in 1,600 kilometers of pipelines, where the six main pipelines of the transfer and transport of gasoline are," the president said at his morning press conference.

To avoid fuel theft, the Executive implemented a change in Pemex's supply model, which involved closing pipelines and transporting the hydrocarbon by pipe (tanker).

This modification has caused supply problems in at least ten states and in Mexico City, as well as closure of service stations and panic purchases.

López Obrador explained today that the problem of scarcity in the capital came after a "sabotage" to a pipeline that provides the city.

This pipeline was repaired and the service was restored for good part of Wednesday, he continued, but suffered another sabotage. Although this has been solved, this has made it difficult to return to normal.

"We have enough gasoline to resist without problems, so they do not despair," said the governor, who thanked gasoline entrepreneurs, citizens and the press for understanding the situation.

According to the president, there are 4,000 items deployed to monitor this illegal activity.

He also indicated that bases will be installed at a distance from the pipelines to strengthen surveillance.

He also asked citizens to participate as a fundamental element to prevent the theft of hydrocarbons.

"The pipelines go through ejidos, small properties and I'm calling for everyone to support, either by informing, either by letting them know what is happening or by participating in the surveillance," he said.

To end this matter, he said that currently in the country 200,000 barrels a day of gasoline are produced, for the 800,000 that are consumed.

This means that Mexico has to import some 600,000 barrels a day from abroad.

According to the president, this represents a failure of the neoliberal policies adopted by the country at the end of the 1980s, a situation that he hopes to reverse by betting on the country's internal development.

In other issues, this Thursday will formalize the start of the program "Youth Building the Future", which seeks to train in companies, businesses and workshops, as apprentices, to 2.3 million people between 18 and 29 years, receiving a salary of 2,300 pesos (about 120 million dollars) per month.

"For all of us to help young people stay away from temptations and not be forced to take the path of antisocial behavior," said López Obrador.

In her turn, the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS), Luisa María Alcalde, said that so far there are 1.1 million young people and 39,000 companies interested in this program.

"The idea is that this training can last a year and that once concluded, companies, negotiating, workshops, can give certification to these young people so they can demonstrate what they learned, their skills, training and skills," he explained.


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