October 22, 2020

They reinforce measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Quintana Roo

The authorities of the resorts of Cancun and Cozumel, Mexican Caribbean, announced on Wednesday more stringent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus among the population of the state of Quintana Roo, whose tourist areas host more than 200,000 tourists,

This Wednesday both in Cancun and in Cozumel, where cruise ship berths have been suspended, the closing of gyms, cinemas, bars, discos and casinos was ordered from today, which directly impacts tourist activity considering the number of visitors that are currently in the state and that it is “spring breake” season.

So far in the state of Quintana Roo 6 positive cases have been confirmed, all diagnosed in Cancun among people who were outside the country, such as the case of an Italian woman who already had symptoms when arriving at the Cancun International Airport.

Meanwhile, tourism companies and workers in the sector already resent the first effects of preventive measures to avoid contagion, the mass cancellations that have been taking place in recent days, derived from the closure of borders in Europe and some countries of the continent that have adopted this measure, already cause the first layoffs and application of permits and early vacations.

The crystalline beaches of Cancun, now free of sargassum, maintain a constant rhythm of visits by national and international tourists who ventured to travel despite the restrictions that were beginning to take effect at the start of their trip.

According to businessmen in the tourism industry, the pandemic “scuttled one of the best vacation seasons in the area,” since the rest periods in schools in the United States come together, which is known as “spring breake”, and the Easter season which is the school vacation period in Mexico.

Rubén Meneses, who lives in Cancún and works in the hotels entertainment area, was one of the many workers who were discharged from work due to the lack of tourists.

“If it is going to harm us, I have learned that in several hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, there is being seen too much reduction in personnel, especially because newly-arrived people are being given a vacation break and people over experience will cover this space as far as possible, “he said.

He said that for now Cancun still enjoys the tourism that is in the city but it is not known at what point things will change.

For Silvana Gabriela Sal, the wait to return to Argentina “is much better if she does it on the beach”, accompanied by her husband and some compatriots that she met during the long hours at the Cancun airport waiting for news.

“On March 16 we had our flight with connection to Lima and Tucumán, our province, and it was canceled, we were accommodated again not by Latam but by Aeromexico and then they canceled it again, so now we are in the expectation that our company, the Argentine airline look for us on Friday the 20th “, he explained.

The group with which he originally traveled had to divide before the small possibility of being able to return to his country via Mexico City.

“We were 8 people and a baby, of the 8 with the cancellation of the flight, two were with my husband and I, the other 6 people with the baby stayed in Mexico City and from there they managed to return through Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires”, story.

He said that on the way he found two more compatriots from my province, they return tomorrow and if God wants I would return on Friday.

Silvana is aware that when she returns to her country, things will not be easy.

“Now that we return to Argentina at some point it will be a forced quarantine to take care of our families more than anything,” he said.

The Government of Mexico has confirmed 93 cases of COVID-19 and expects that from March 20 it will enter a new phase with community infections and more cases.


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