They reduce to shots an abuser who attacked a civil guard with a knife

They reduce to shots an abuser who attacked a civil guard with a knife

Sanitary 061 transferred the wounded to the hospital. / SOUTH

The agent had gone to attend to a notice for a possible violation of a restraining order in the Fishermen's neighborhood of Rincón de la Victoria and tried to reduce the individual, who was carrying two bladed weapons

The Civil Guard has shot down a 56-year-old man who allegedly attacked an agent who was trying to arrest him with a knife and a machete because, apparently, he had broken a restraining order against his partner.

The events took place at 9:50 p.m. in the Pescadores neighborhood of Rincón de la Victoria. As SUR has learned, the emergency services received a call from a woman who claimed that her ex-partner had shown up at her home and was pounding on the door, despite the fact that he was prohibited from approaching her.

Several crews from the Rincón de la Victoria Local Police and the Civil Guard went to the building where she lives. The agents went up to the door of her house, but did not locate the suspect. While a unit was interviewing the woman, the rest were deployed nearby to try to locate the individual.

One of those patrols ran into the subject on the Rincón de la Victoria promenade. That meeting was recorded by several residents of the area, who witnessed what happened and who, in turn, called the emergency services again to alert them to the situation. The images clearly reflect what happened.

In one of these videos, it can be seen how the individual approaches the two agents -a man and a woman- with a determined step, who unholster their regulatory weapons while backing away to prevent them from reaching them. The subject goes towards the agent, who asks him to drop the weapons he is carrying (apparently a machete and a knife) on the ground.

When the man is barely a meter away, and while he continues to wield the two bladed weapons, the civil guard opens fire on him, always trying to avoid a possible attack, as can be seen in the images.

One of the projectiles hit the individual's left leg, who, despite this, continued to advance towards the agent, still armed. Her partner tries, like her, to get him to hand over his weapons, although the man ignores him. The civil guard yells at him "the nonsense is over!" while she insists that he surrender.

One of the recordings captures the moment in which the subject causes a cut in the abdomen. Another guard enters the scene at that moment and hits him with an extensible defense, which makes him lose one of the two white weapons that he carries in his hands. With the other, he makes a second cut -as seen in the video-, this time on the neck.

The man has been evacuated to the hospital in serious condition, without data on his condition having been released.

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