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Service Neurology of the Our Lady of Candelaria University Hospital of Tenerife, attached to the Health counseling of the Canary Government, recommend limiting the use of new technologies during the holidays to promote a 'digital rest' and thus avoid the feeling of continued fatigue that can generate the hyperconnection to Internet.

While smart devices and network access are fundamental tools in the new professional environments, the excessive and prolonged use of these technologies have negative physical and mental consequences, according to the doctor Miguel Angel Hernandez, neurologist at the Hospital de La Candelaria

In this context, he explains that the continued use of new technologies can cause "from postural changes due to the use of mobiles, visual fatigue, tendonitis and headaches to an increase in irritability of the nervous system, generating anxiety, attention deficit or increased stress by sound and vibratory alerts constantly "among other alterations.

As he adds, a recent American study revealed that a person can get to look at his mobile phone about 150 times a day, either to check emails, check the time, send instant messages or take pictures.

"The state of hyperconnection causes the repetition of certain actions that in the medium or long term become automatisms, something that occurs in practically all professions that work with digital environments," says Dr. Miguel Ángel Hernández. In this sense, "in the face of repetitive behavior our brain learns and activates to adapt to it, in order to be more effective in the face of that behavior and to be able to face it in a more simplified way".

The neurologist at the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria adds that "excessive and indiscriminate use of these devices also causes dependence, so vacations are an adequate period to rest and disconnect from the internet as well as to establish guidelines to promote digital rest ".


From the Neurology service of the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, a series of guidelines and advice is offered that, together with the involvement of each user, can rest digitally during the summer period.

On the one hand, to disconnect from work as much as possible, "the ideal is to leave a list of tasks done for possible unforeseen events and contact person to solve them until our return during the days off," says neurologist Miguel Ángel Hernández.

You can also disconnect mobile data or use the so-called 'airplane mode' during a specific time to enjoy rest. "If an urgent matter arises, you can always receive a phone call, which is less stressful than receiving numerous messaging alerts," explains the specialist.

"It is best to 'silence' the sound and visual warnings of the instant messaging applications of our mobile and avoid using it as an alarm clock. Moreover, at bedtime it is recommended to turn it off and keep it out of the room, to encourage rest and rest. reduce external stimuli that interfere with a conciliatory dream "concludes Dr. Hernández.

Holidays are a stage to enjoy the environment, family, friends and nature, exercise and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.


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