August 5, 2021

They recommend early weight loss therapy to treat type 2 diabetes

They recommend early weight loss therapy to treat type 2 diabetes

Weight loss from the time of diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is a therapy that should be recommended to all patients to combat this disease, according to the authors' conclusion of a report published today in Berlin.

The study was presented during the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and it explains the conditions under which the implementation of a weight reduction program in these people can make the disease remit.

A previous study published in 2017 indicated that some adults showed remission of their type 2 diabetes after following an intense treatment of weight reduction, but without giving details.

The authors of the study presented today analyzed the results of the published last year and checked the fat content in the liver and pancreas of 58 of the participants in that, as well as the function of beta cells, which synthesize and secrete insulin.

They found that patients in whom remission of type 2 diabetes could be detected had had it for less time than those who did not have that remission of the disease.

After the weight loss the beta cells began to work correctly among the patients in whom the remission of the disease was detected, which were the ones that had been diagnosed less than a while ago.

On the contrary, no change was detected in the amount of insulin produced among patients in whom remission was not found.

"Our findings suggest that the more you have lived with type 2 diabetes, the less likely it is to improve the function of your beta cells," said Professor Roy Taylor of the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, who led the study. .

"The clinical message is clear: the new approach to effective weight loss should be advised for everyone with type 2 diabetes, especially from the time of diagnosis," Taylor concluded.

Last year's study found remission of diabetes in 46% of a sample of 298 adults aged 20 to 65 who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the preceding six years.

In it, the relationship between the remission of the disease and the application of a weight reduction therapy that included a hypocaloric diet and the reintroduction of a healthy food intake plan, followed by a weight maintenance program, was discovered.


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