July 24, 2021

They rape and murder a Bulgarian journalist investigating a case of corruption on EU funds

They rape and murder a Bulgarian journalist investigating a case of corruption on EU funds

The Bulgarian authorities are looking for clues that lead to the author of the brutal murder of journalist Victoria Marinova last Saturday in the city of Ruse, without so far have sufficient evidence to rule out that the motive of the crime is the professional work of the victim.

"We do not underestimate any hypothesis, we work with all of them," Bulgarian Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said today in Ruse, a town in the northern part of Bulgaria on the banks of the Danube and to which he moved on Monday, together with the Prosecutor General, Sotir Tsatsarov. , to follow the investigations closely.

Marinova, 30, was the administrative director and presenter on the regional TV channel TVN.

His lifeless body was found last Saturday in Ruse, with signs that she had been raped and mistreated with "extreme brutality", confirmed Marinov.

The authorities have managed to reconstruct the journalist's last steps, found her car and sent all the belongings found to the National Institute of Criminology for examination.

However, they found that among them the victim's mobile phone is missing, as well as the keys to his car, some glasses and part of his clothes.

Sources of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior confirmed to Efe today in Sofia that instead of the facts have been collected Various material and biological tests.

The media indicated that the victim she was hit with such violence that her face was unrecognizable, so it was not identified until the night of Saturday to Sunday.

The journalist presented on TVN her own program, "Detector", broadcast for the last time on September 30, when she interviewed the Bulgarian journalist Dimitar Stoyanov, from the Bivol website associated with WikiLeaks, as well as Romanian journalist Attila Biro, a member of the project. investigative journalism RISE Romania.

Both were arrested last month by the Bulgarian police while investigating near Sofia the destruction of documents that allegedly revealed corruption practices by a private road construction company, suspected of carrying out scams with European funds.

In statements broadcast live by several local stations, Marinov said today that the police do not rule out that the motive of the crime is related to the work of the journalist, although it considers more likely other versions, such as that the author of the murder and rape is a disturbed individual or someone who had personal reasons.

The experts of the Institute of Psychology of the Ministry of the Interior try to make a psychological profile of the murderer.

The minister considered "still too early" to draw conclusions, while Tsatsarov acknowledged that the authorities limit the information to public opinion so as not to prejudice the investigation.

On the other hand, the attorney general confirmed the opening of an investigation into possible diversion and fraud of European funds in the case revealed by the victim's most recent interview.

In the center of Sofia and in other cities of Bulgaria have been called for this afternoon vigils in memory of Marinova.



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