They rape and attack an American student in Aluche and the police arrest their alleged assailant | Society

A 27-year-old student from the United States living in Madrid was assaulted and raped by a man two weekends outside the Aluche bus station when she was drunkenly returning home, according to sources at the Police Headquarters. The young woman, Andrea Sicignano, who He has been living in Madrid for six months, relate to your Facebook account that both she and her friend were "drunk" that day after attending a flamenco show. When they returned home they both separated to go separately to their home.

The girl relates that she got confused by the bus and was the last one to go down with a man who offered her help. "I was lost at 4 in the morning and public transport had stopped working, I needed help and the man assured me that he could help me get home," he says. The young woman sensed later that she could be in danger and when she tried to flee "the man became violent".

"I screamed and fought with all the strength I could muster, I tried desperately to grab my phone but he said, 'I have your phone, you can not call anyone.' He hit me in the face again and again until I could not fight anymore. I could not scream anymore, I could barely see through the blood in my eyes, he raped me, "explains the young woman, who feared for her life. "I was sure she was going to kill me." I closed my eyes, "I pretended to be dead in the hope that he would stop hitting me." I prayed that he would have gone when I opened my eyes, "the story continues. Sicignano. When he did, the man had fled and she, she says, sat down and started to collect her things. Barefoot, she ran to the street, shouting help. "Three or four cars passed by me, and finally one stopped, I ran, I shouted, a very nice stranger called an ambulance and waited for it to arrive," the girl explains.

According to sources of the Police Headquarters, the young woman denounced these events on December 9. Three days later, thanks to the investigation of the Family and Women's Units (UFAM), they were able to detect who the alleged aggressor was, with nine records (none due to sexual assault), and they detained him in Carabanchel.


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