January 23, 2021

“They raised the possibility of a pronouncement”

One of the participants of the WhatsApp chat of retired senior officers from the Army in which they made death threats, José Ignacio Domínguez, has stated in an interview on Cadena SER that the group spoke in March of the possibility of making “a military pronouncement”, something that they finally discarded when they found it “unviable.” The ex-military, who left the chat, has described these high commands as “Franco” and defenders of the dictatorship “not only past, but future”: “They aspire to have a dictatorship.”

I'd love to shoot 26 million motherfuckers, but my back is killing me

Chronicle | I’d love to shoot 26 million motherfuckers, but my back is killing me

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According to the former lieutenant colonel, vice president of the Militia and Democracy Forum, these ex-soldiers tried to mobilize other promotions of the Air Force, in addition to their own, and also involve the Army. “They began to consider the possibility of a military pronouncement supported by the king. They came to the conclusion that it was unfeasible,” he explained. Faced with this closed road, they proposed asking the king for an interview to show their support, something that later they also ruled out. Finally they chose to send a first letter of support to the monarch on November 10 and two weeks later, as revealed by El País, they were followed with another letter by 73 members of the XXIII promotion of the General Military Academy.

Place radicalization in the Vox turmoil

Domínguez has said that the group was created two years ago “in a friendly way” between 40 members of the same class, but was radicalized a year ago as a result of the general elections. He places the increase in violence in the messages in the “agitation” of Vox: “I think it is due to the tension and agitation of Vox. This hatred had never existed,” he said, arguing that before they had friendly meetings, even if it was from the discrepancy .

Among the military members of this group are signatories of the letter sent to King Felipe VI in November, in which more than 70 retired senior officials endorsed the argument of the extreme right-wing formation Vox against the coalition government chaired by Pedro Sanchez. This Wednesday, Vox was positioned on the letter assuring that the arguments defended by these ex-military are “a demonstration in favor of the national unity of Spain and as such, of course it is our people. “

“There is no choice but to shoot 26 million sons of bitches”

According to the information what Infolibre advancedThe following message was sent from the cell phone of Major General Francisco Beca: “I have read it [un libro de Pío Moa, Mitos de la Guerra Civil], as a good appearance, and if what he says is true (for me it is) there is no choice but to start shooting 26 million sons of bitches “.

Meanwhile, this other message is sent from the mobile of retired captain José Molina: “I got up this morning totally convinced. I don’t want these scoundrels to lose the elections. No. I want everyone and their entire line to die. That’s what I want to. Is it too much to ask? ” The answer comes from General Beca’s phone: “But Curro [apodo amistoso para Molina] for them to die, they have to be shot and 26 million bullets are needed !!!!!!!!!! “.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has decided to put the matter in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, as confirmed by a spokesperson for her Department in case the events reflected therein constitute a crime, “committed by people who could also claim the status of active military, without being it “.


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