June 16, 2021

They put down a fire in the dome of the Celta de Vigo headquarters – La Provincia

A fire at the Celta headquarters has alerted on Monday afternoon those who were in the center of Vigo. According the first information, the flames broke out around 7:30 p.m. on the upper floor of A Sede, on Príncipe street, where the Silabario restaurant is located.

Five trucks of Vigo firefighters and several patrols of the Local and National Police. The agents were in charge of cordoning off Principe Street between the C&A store and A Sede with tapes to prevent the passage of the crowd of onlookers who approached the place, many of them recording the fire with their smartphones. The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, and the president of Celta, Carlos MouriñoThey were also in the area.

From the club they have reported that the fire It has not affected the offices and that fortunately there have been no injuries, only material damage not significant. They have also reported that within the building there were about twenty young people from the Celta residence, who were quickly evicted and that they will be able to go back to sleep tonight in the building. Although by late afternoon the flames were already smothered and the area cleared, the tongues of fire were clearly visible from Porta do Sol and Calle Progreso.

The burned part is the exterior terrace of the dome of A Sede, where the wooden decking and several flowerpots burned. Police sources have indicated that the origin of the fire is unknown, which the firefighters took just 10 minutes to control. One of the hypotheses being considered is that it could be caused by air conditioners.


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