They protest for the arrival of a cruise with a possible case of Covid-19 to Mexico

At least 30 inhabitants of the Mexican island of Cozumel protested tonight about the arrival of this MSC Maraviglia cruise ship with 4,580 passengers, after Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island rejected their request to dock at their ports for a suspected case of coronavirus, which was already denied by the company that owns the ship to the Mexican authorities.

Although the Mexican authorities had already informed in the afternoon that clinical studies had ruled out the presence of the coronavirus in a crew member who had an acute picture of respiratory disease, the 30 inhabitants began to meet at 9:00 p.m. local time. (02.00 GMT) at the Punta Langosta cruise ship dock.

The shipping company that operates the cruise confirmed, in a statement, that the ship is already in Cozumel waters since the night of February 26, but has not been able to enter the port due to "unfavorable weather conditions," between they the prevalence of winds of 35 to 40 knots and storm conditions.

He added that the weather forecast provides adequate conditions to enter the port at 08.00 local time (13.00 GMT) on Thursday.

"As soon as this happens, the crew has already agreed with the authorities" to go to the port, is indicated in the note of the company.

The mayor of Cozumel, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, announced that a group of international health inspectors has boarded the ship with the intention of corroborating the medical diagnosis of the crew member.

“A convoy prepared by the same Ministry of Health, of doctors, arrived on the island, which will board the ship (...), the delegation will board the boat and the respective analyzes will be made to the patient, that is, it will be corroborated with the cruise doctor if this diagnosis is totally true, ”explained the mayor.

He confirmed that if there were "the slightest discrepancy with the diagnosis issued by the internal medical personnel of the cruise, its landing will be prevented".


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