Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

They project a video with police charges of the 1-O on the facade of the Supreme

Proyectan un vídeo con cargas policiales del 1-O sobre la fachada del Supremo

A few hours before the start of the trial of political leaders and of the society
independence, a video on the facade of the Supreme Court where you could see police charges the day of October 1st of 2017.

The action, which has not been claimed by any group, has been done at night and lasted a few minutes. The piece also showed an inscription that could be read 'Spanish democracy', the English voice for the Spanish democracy expression.

This Tuesday begins at the headquarters of the Spanish high court the oral hearing against the twelve Catalan leaders for crimes such as rebellion and embezzlement of public funds for which the prosecution requests 177 years in prison.

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