September 27, 2020

They practice in Madrid the second autopsy of the Coruña dead at the hands of the Police in the Philippines

The body of Diego Bello Lafuente, the Coruña dead at the hands of the Philippine police, will be transferred to La Coruña from Madrid, where the second autopsy has been performed on Monday, Efe family sources have informed.

The Forensic Anatomical Institute of Madrid has performed the second autopsy on the body this morning, the results of which will take between “two or three weeks,” said the same source, which has further qualified that the burial can be “before Wednesday”.

The National Court has requested this second autopsy following a complaint filed by the family and this court will be responsible for directing the investigation from Spain.

Philippine police claimed that Bello was a “high-value drug dealer” who carried 10 grams of cocaine and 30,000 Philippine pesos in marked bills ($ 600) and valued the action as a “successful operation in the fight against drugs.” .

The plaintiffs contend that the version of the Philippine police is “totally false” and they trust that the data provided by Diego Bello’s coworkers can prove what happened.

“His partners know what happened, how it all went, and they saw the fudges they did with the false tests they put on the scene. Hopefully that way you can dismantle everything, ”they say from their family environment.

For his part, the delegate of the Government in Galicia, Javier Losada, said this morning, in statements to the media, that the Spanish Embassy and the Consulate are dealing with the appropriate investigations to clarify the “exact and real cause” of the death.

“Through the Spanish Embassy in Manila and the Consulate, a series of commissions in the Philippines have been demanded and launched,” detailed Losada.

Specifically, he added, it is an Interior Commission, an independent Senate Congress and another Justice Commission.

In addition, an investigation by the Human Rights Commission of the Philippines remains open to clarify the facts that led to the surfer’s death in an alleged drug operation on the island of Siargao on January 8.

Bello Lafuente resided temporarily in Siargao, an island located 800 kilometers southeast of Manila, and was very popular with surfers, where he had several businesses related to tourism.

Diego Bello’s body arrived in the Spanish capital at about 13.30 on Saturday, via Dubai.



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