They pay tribute to the thousands of Extremadurans who "seeked their lives" in Euskadi

Musicians Without Borders will celebrate this Friday, February 25, a concert paying homage to the great Extremaduran community residing in Álava. It will take place at the Jesús Guridi conservatory and will start at 8:00 p.m. The capacity is 600 people and tickets can be obtained at the Hogar Extremadura Virgen de Guadalupe in Vitoria.

Marouane Ziad's journey from being an unaccompanied minor to becoming an independent adult in Euskadi

Marouane Ziad's journey from being an unaccompanied minor to becoming an independent adult in Euskadi

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Euskadi, especially Álava, has a strong union with Extremadura due to the large number of emigrants who have arrived in the territory since 1940. Brozas, a town in the province of Cáceres, was the first and main promoter of this migration. When the Dominican priests passed through the municipality for the La Pura and La Milagrosa festivals and saw how people complained about the lack of work, it was they who announced the demand for workers in Álava, encouraging them to improve their situation. There were many people from Extremadura, especially during the Franco regime, who had to "go out to find a life", said Jesús María Alegría, president of the NGO. This is how migratory relations and movements continued to grow until reaching the 1970s, when the climax of said emigration occurred. Currently, Euskadi has more than 300,000 people of Extremaduran origin, 3,000 of them being from Brozas.

Paying tribute to them "was Jesús María's idea", remembering the 25th anniversary of another initiative carried out by Music Without Borders, in which "funds were raised to deal with the disasters caused by the floods", comments Daniel Flores, a member of the Board Board of Directors of the Virgen de Guadalupe Home in Vitoria. It is aimed at all those who "had to get ahead, looking for their place", contributing and forming part of Alava society. They invite "Extremadurans living in Euskadi" and the rest of the Basque citizenry to attend, since, "having learned to live together" and being friends, neighbors and even relatives, it would be "very nice to let them know and enjoy Extremaduran customs ". The celebration will include the participation of the Municipal Band of Vitoria, the Extremaduran singer Mili Vizcaíno, the Portuguese pianist Rui Filipe, and Basque dance and traditional Extremaduran dance performances. The latter, being part of the Hogar Extremeño, a dance group that together with two more and another choir, are in charge of maintaining Extremadura's roots in Vitoria.

a friendly relationship

In 2013, the Álava Provincial Council awarded a plaque to the Brozas Town Council through a visit by the then deputy general, Javier de Andrés (PP). This day was held in honor and in recognition of the contribution of people from Extremadura to the economic, social and cultural development of the province. Basques and Extremadurans celebrated their friendship and their coexistence, which continues today with the many Extremadurans who did well and go to visit "the town" whenever they wish.

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