August 8, 2020

They order bail of 500,000 euros for the president of Ausbanc

The Criminal Chamber of the National Court has ordered the release on bail of 500,000 euros of the president of Ausbanc, Luis Pineda, who has been in custody since April 2016, sources have reported his defense.

Judge Santiago Pedraz on February 20 sent to the Criminal Chamber for prosecution this case, which was opened against Pineda, Miguel Bernard, Manos Limpias, and eight others for integrating a purported extortion plot to withdraw accusations, like that of the Infanta Cristina in the Nóos case, after appearing in the proceedings as a private accusation.

The Prosecutor's Office of the National Court, which presented its indictment in December 2017, is seeking prison sentences of 118 years and 5 months for Pineda.

Among the alleged extortions for which those implicated in the so-called Ausbanc case are accused are the aforementioned case of Nóos, and other banking entities such as BBVA, Banco Santander and Caja Madrid-Bankia.

The sources of the defense of Pineda have specified that his next step will be to ask to the Room to lower the bail or some other measurement because it is going to be "very complicated" to pay to that amount.


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