They open the file to the nuns of Murcia for the works that were taken to Elche

Ivory Christ, one of the pieces of sacred art found in Mula

Ivory Christ, one of the pieces of sacred art found in Mula

Continue the soap opera of the nuns who went from Mula to Elche loaded with works of art belonging to the patrimony of all Muleños. In October, when the deadline given by the Ministry of Culture to the nuns to return the goods to their place was met, the department headed by Esperanza Moreno announced that it would take the nuns to court if they do not replace the pieces they removed.

To this day, the works of the Monastery of La Encarnación They continue in the town of the neighboring province of Alicante. Dozens of pieces are missing from the Muleños' heritage: an ivory Christ, several sculptures of the Child Jesus (including one by Roque López, the Child of Health) and first-rate paintings such as the portraits of King Felipe V and the Queen María Luisa de Saboya, as well as religious-themed canvases, among others. They also took the original reliquary of the Holy Thorn, which contained the Lignum Cruci.

According to sources from the Ministry of Culture explained this week, "the sisters presented two appeals. One, in which the procedure followed to declare BIC the movable property that formed an integral part of the monastery is questioned, and another in which they question the resolution of the General Directorate by which it was requested that the pieces return to the monastery or to the environment of the same ".

"The Ministry of Education and Culture has dismissed both appeals and the General Directorate of Cultural Assets has proceeded to initiate disciplinary proceedings, by decreeing that there could presumably be an offense typified in the Cultural Heritage law, which establishes that the transfer of pieces classified as BIC must be communicated to the competent authority, "they detail from the Ministry headed by Moreno.

The file "may entail a financial sanction. When it is concluded, the result will be seen", the same sources highlight, which, however, do not rule out the option of "reaching a friendly agreement" with the nuns.

The convent, without tenants

Regarding the installation of a new congregation in the Convent of La Encarnación, the mayor explained that "we have no record at this time of how the procedures are going, but we do maintain the intention that the Eucharistic Communicators of the Heavenly Father could finally be installed in Mule".

Before them, the Heralds of the Gospel were to go. When their presence was announced at the end of last year, it was known that they had been in the sights of the Holy See for three years. And shortly after settling in, the Vatican informed them that all their activities had been paralyzed. So, the convent, for the moment, still has no tenants.

"They never had the will to return them"

The mayor of Mula, Juan Jesús Moreno, highlights that "from the first moment we have seen that there was no will on the part of the sisters to return the pieces." The City Council offered a safe space to house the pieces, since the main concern of the congregation was that something might happen to them. "We offered to guard the pieces, to take them to a safe space and with all the guarantees. In fact, we have always done it, we have a large space in the San Francisco Convent, home of the City Museum, where the pieces could be protected, but there has been no will on their part that the pieces were returned to Mula, "he highlights.


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