April 10, 2021

They offer $ 18,800 for protesters who attacked police in Bogotá

They offer $ 18,800 for protesters who attacked police in Bogotá

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office today offered a reward of 60 million pesos (about 18,800 dollars) to anyone who provides information to identify the people who on 8 November carried out abuses in Bogotá during a day of protests in which eight police officers were injured.

In several messages posted on his Twitter account, the judicial and control body disclosed the photographs of the hooded men who were part of the disorders and the value offered as a reward for each one of them.

For identifying the man who "threw an incendiary bomb at a policeman" guarding the headquarters of the RCN Radio station, which has been subject to several attacks with stones and paintings in other demonstrations, the "Prosecutor's Office offers 30 million pesos (about 9,446 Dollars)".

In another message it was indicated that "the Office of the Prosecutor advances in the identification of the terrorists and accomplices who attacked police agents last Thursday", for which it will deliver another 20 million pesos (about $ 6,297).

The text is accompanied by several images in which two men and a woman with their faces covered, who walk next to the students and who later threw "pimpones filled with paint and cement" to the policemen are observed.

Also, by the so-called "man in overalls", who appears carrying stones that he later launched to destroy private property during the student demonstration, the figure to be delivered is 10 million pesos (about $ 3,148).

The protests of the students of the public universities of the country were made to demand from the Government the increase of the budget destined for the operation of those institutions.

Higher education in Colombia has a deficit of 3.2 trillion pesos (about 1.015 billion dollars) for its operation and public universities also need 15 trillion pesos (about 4.758 million dollars) to invest in infrastructure, according to figures from experts


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