"They look where there isn't and it makes me angry, they don't focus where they have to focus"

"They look where there isn't and it makes me angry, they don't focus where they have to focus"

The telephone 'pricks' to the principal investigated for the disappearance and death of Esther López reveal the "strict control over communications" that she has imposed on her relatives

The eavesdropping authorized by the judge of the telephone communications of the principal investigated in the case of the disappearance and death of Esther López have not shed light to clarify what happened to the neighbor of Traspinedo six months ago and the role played by Óscar SM more beyond his own statement, which placed the two friends at the intersection of the El Romeral urbanization around three in the morning on January 13. But the 'punctures' have revealed two things, according to reports from the Civil Guard: one, that the 38-year-old travel agent knew that his phone had been tapped (later they discovered that he had two) and that exercises "strict control" over the communications of its trusted people. Basically three of his nuclear family. And the other, that the few times in which he has discussed the case with his family, he has been calm and has released a few pearls directed, possibly, at the 'listeners'.

In a conversation in which his sister calls him to give him "the good news" that the fibers found in the family chalet did not correspond to Esther's, Óscar replies that "let's see, if he hasn't been there, how the hell are they going?" to find. And if they don't find it, come on, I'm leaving." His interlocutor alludes to the fact that in court it is commented that the case "is very similar to that of Dolores (Wanninkhof)". Óscar adds: «Yes, it is like that, and that they are trying to look where there is none and it makes me angry, because they are not focusing where they have to focus. And he clinches: "They're looking for a scapegoat and searching, searching until, damn... And they're releasing every calf."

Óscar S. uses instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp to elude investigators and two mobile phones, although the first to be seized by the Civil Guard gradually stopped using it. "He gives very precise instructions to the people in his circle of trust, they must avoid talking about the facts under investigation, limiting themselves to saying that Óscar is fine, but nothing more." He suspects, the researchers indicate, "that his communications may be the object of observation and makes him participate in his closest environment, in order that they also avoid having conversations related to the facts investigated," it is emphasized in the reports of the wiretaps.

Of those few conversations about the case, the Civil Guard highlights the one he had with his mother after testifying before the investigating magistrate of the Esther López case on April 25. His mother is interested in how she has fared during the interrogation and he "shows himself satisfied with her and with the fact that he is still free." Although he also expresses his anger with the people who demonstrated at the door of the Angustias Courts in support of Esther's family.

“Everything has gone well, as it has to, because I have not done anything,” the investigator referred to his mother after testifying before the investigating judge

Specifically, in that communication, held at 2:43:18 p.m., the person under investigation tells his mother: "Everything has gone well, as it should, because I have not done anything." Later he attacked the people of Traspinedo who demonstrated in the street and against the lawyer for the private prosecution because he requested that he be placed in preventive detention with a bail of 60,000 euros, a request that the magistrate dismissed.


There are other conversations with his family that reveal the suspect's life since the investigation was opened. Like the fact that he practically never leaves the house since then, except to go to work or dedicate himself to his daughter and his partner. On her Mother's Day she called her mother to congratulate her and at one point in the conversation she confessed to being "afraid" of leaving her, although she did not mention her reasons. By then, the businessman had already suffered harassment: one morning, his travel agency in Valladolid woke up papered with posters with the effigy of Esther and another day, an incriminating graffiti appeared on the family chalet in Traspinedo shortly after the Civil Guard would have searched the property thoroughly in search of clues that would allow Esther López to be located inside the summer house in order to strengthen the hypothesis that researchers still maintain that the young woman was not left alone at the El Romeral intersection that fateful day early morning.

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