May 14, 2021

They look in Murcia for the young man who assaulted his girlfriend and brutally another boy

Agents of the Family and Women’s Service Unit of the National Police are concluding the investigation for the arrest of the young man who at the dawn of Saturday as a supposed author in the area of ​​Las Atalayas de Murcia of a crime of gender violence to his Sentimental partner and a crime of serious injury to a young man who came out in his defense and has since been admitted to a hospital.

According to police sources, UFAM agents went yesterday to the Reina Sofía hospital where the victim, Raúl L., 23, is admitted to take a statement of the complaint about the brutal attack he received from the young man who is being sought by the police, resident in the polygon of La Paz de Murcia.

Raul is waiting for the inflammation in both eyes to be lowered to be operated on the right eye, which remains closed and presents a more serious condition, while presenting various injuries on the entire face due to the brutal beating he received when he came to help to the girl they were hitting in the Atalayas drinks area, where fights have taken place late at night, some resulting in death.

The attacked young man explained to the police that he knew the young man he went to by sight to prevent him from hitting his girlfriend and who had only told him if they were going to take something, but reacted violently by hitting him on the head and leaving him unconscious on the floor.

“I think the aggressor has gone,” said Raul, in an interview he gave on Wednesday to Antena 3 television from the hospital bed where he was in the company of his mother pending the surgical operation that They were going to perform in the next few hours.

Until yesterday, when he spoke with the police, the young man could barely speak because of the stitches on his lower lip and the swelling of his entire face.


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