May 14, 2021

They look for a vanished canoeist the Júcar river by Algemesí

They look for a vanished canoeist the Júcar river by Algemesí

Divers from the Fire Consortium of Valencia and the Civil Guard have joined the device by air and land in search of canoeist disappeared this Friday on the river Júcar in the municipality of Algemesí (Valencia).

Sources of the Consortium have informed that ten divers on each side of the river have begun to track underwater, after neither the zodiac, nor the drone nor the helicopter have found the athlete, whose kayak was located at 9.30 pm three kilometers downstream.

Firefighters from the Valencia Consortium, foresters and volunteers participate in the operation, as well as specialists from the height rescue group (GERA), drones and the Generalitat helicopter.

At 20.05 on Friday they received the notice that a man had gone canoeing at three in the afternoon and had not yet returned, so he mobilized a search operation with firefighters Alzira Park with zodiac, the group of rescue GERA and the head of the park.

At around 9:30 p.m., on its way down the river from Algemesí to Alzira, three kilometers downstream, the pirogue was located but there was no trace of the missing man.

At the request of the Fire Brigade, a technician of the Generalitat traveled at 00.20 to the area to fly over it with drones but without results.

This Saturday the VI helicopter of the Generalitat had joined the search operation with firemen from the GER rescue group, the official, the sector chief, forest firefighters of the Generalitat, firemen of the Gandía park and Vallada volunteers, and now The divers join him.



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