They launch a program to empower women in the Northern Triangle of Central America

They launch a program to empower women in the Northern Triangle of Central America

UN Women and the Embassy of Italy in Honduras today launched a program in Tegucigalpa to promote the economic empowerment of women in the Northern Triangle of Central America.

"We intend to empower 200 entrepreneurs with innovative capabilities, not with the traditional trades of women, but with innovative contributions that the country needs," said the representative of UN Women in Honduras, Margarita Bueso.

The initiative, called "Economic Empowerment of Women in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador," will directly support 200 women from each of these countries and another 4,800 potential entrepreneurs indirectly, enabling them to create their own businesses.

Bueso said that UN Women works at the municipal level in the three countries of the Northern Triangle, because "we believe that investing in the economic base of women is vital, while continuing to work on alliances and public policies."

The program is financed by the Italian Government with 3.5 million euros (a little more than 3.9 million dollars), said UN Women.

The representative of UN Women said that economic empowerment can not be addressed without working to combat violence against women.

"Violence, sexual harassment and discrimination limit the capacity of women, it is not that they do not want to work, they have too many obstacles, very many, and even then the resilience and the capacity to contribute is enormous," he stressed.

Bueso regretted that Honduras continues to be among the first five countries with the highest levels of violence in general and femicides.

The ambassador of Italy in Honduras, Edoardo Pucci, said in his speech that women should be seen as agents of change, and stressed the importance of encouraging their participation in the entire production chain.

He emphasized that the regional program aims to improve the living conditions of women in the Northern Triangle, promote their rights, gender equity, the elimination of all forms of violence against women and their participation in decision-making.

The resources also seek the economic empowerment of women to achieve gender equality, reduce poverty and promote inclusive economic growth.

The regional program will be executed by UN Women with the support of the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat (Sieca), the Council of Ministers of Central American Women and the Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Network, among others.


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