They launch a plan to accelerate the development of the AIDS vaccine

The global company of Vaccines against HIV (Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise) today launched a new strategy to accelerate over the next five years the development of a "safe and effective" vaccine against HIV.

The new plan (2018-2023) was presented today in Madrid on the opening day of the HIV Prevention Research Congress, the only global scientific conference dedicated exclusively to the biomedical prevention of the virus, which is organized by the International Society of AIDS.

This biennial conference, which began in 2014, includes the latest research on vaccines, preventive treatments and priorities for each of the areas.

It also addresses the design of trials and the approval of products that go beyond each of the fields of research.

The new strategy proposed today assesses current opportunities, challenges and obstacles in the research and development of HIV vaccines and recommends a series of steps, such as promoting strategies to accelerate the development of possible vaccines, establishing a roadmap for access to them and seek support and commitments to contribute to this cause.

The president of the International AIDS Society, Anton Pozniak, believes that the scientific landscape to find a vaccine against HIV is more promising than ever, but believes that it is necessary to maintain funding and maximize contributions to find it.

This plan, according to the president of the Research Council of South Africa, Glenda Gray, reflects the challenges of "a unique and exciting moment in the development of the HIV vaccine and offers a plan of action to get closer to the end of this epidemic" .


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