Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

They launch a free online movie service with ads

Plex It is one of the few services that gives a headache to streaming video services. This manager of multimedia files Allows you to organize and broadcast all kinds of multimedia material online.

From movies purchased on physical media, such as Blue-Ray or DVD, to multimedia files purchased on online platforms. It even allows you to listen to podcast or watch TV. Although, obviously, some use this tool with files audiovisual downloaded from the Internet without a license. [/ embed] data-youtube-vid>

But Flex seems to aspire to more and that is why it has begun to incorporate films and documentaries that we can see as on Netflix or on HBO. But for free. The strategy to obtain benefits is that advertisements are included.

This bet is still very green. The catalog of films is quite exotic and we have not located any subtitles in Spanish or in any language other than English. But Plex promises to expand its offer.

Plex offers free multimedia content

To enjoy this service we must install Plex on a computer or on a mobile device. There are applications available for Android and to iOS. In them you can now access the catalog of movies that are available.

But since we have Flex installed, more than one may be encouraged to use it as their multimedia manager on different devices. This is what we can do with it for free.

With this platform we can reproduce audiovisual content by sharing it between our devices

We can organize and watch our videos, music and photos by installing Flex on computers, multimedia devices connected to a TV, on smart TVs that support the application, on tablets and phones.

The way to play multimedia content on our mobile device, all our files are stored on a hard disk, which we will have connected to a computer or any of our devices that have the option to connect said hard disk, such as players multimedia. Then through the Internet send the content to the other devices.

For now the content offered is not very broad

One drawback we see is that we must always have one of our devices on, which we have chosen to connect the hard drive. Well, the application that facilitates us is the interconnection between all our devices.

But there are other options to watch TV, either by cable or broadcast on the Internet, listen to podcast or music in Tindal Streaming. Both for free and with your payment option

Plex includes the option to record the content of a program and then play it

Premium mode covers a fairly large catalog. It has its own music, movie service and includes improvements in the service of television channels. We can record the broadcast of a channel and then play it.

They offer a service with which we can synchronize movies, TV shows, music and photos to our mobile devices to play it without an Internet connection.

We will have to see how a gap opens in the multimedia services market. For now they have launched three payment methods: 4.99 euros per month, 39.99 euros per year and a lifetime subscription with a price of 119.99 euros

We'll see if Plex manages to have more attractive and exclusive content

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