August 9, 2020

They kill an indigenous guard in a tourist area of ​​western Colombia

An indigenous guard was killed in an area near the tourist Nuquí, in the department of Chocó, who lives days of anxiety over the denunciation of the presence of illegal armed groups that threaten death to social leaders, the Ombudsman reported Thursday.

According to the entity, Anuar Rojas Isaramá was killed in Agua Blanca, which belongs to Nuquí, a town frequented by national and foreign tourists for the beauty of its beaches, varied cuisine and possibilities for ecotourism, among other attractions.

“We reject the murder of the indigenous guard Anuar Rojas Isaramá in Agua Blanca … We request his clarification,” the Ombudsman wrote on Twitter.

He added: “After the fact, 80 people belonging to the community are in the process of forced displacement. We ask to activate the institutional care routes.”


In the department of Chocó, bordering with Panama, the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN), the Gaitanista Self-Defense Paramilitaries of Colombia (AGC) and other criminal gangs that threaten and constantly put the inhabitants of this part of the country at risk .

On December 31, the UN released a report in which it considers that the presence of illegal armed groups in some areas of Colombia “continues to have devastating consequences, such as forced recruitment of minors, homicides, displacements, confinements and attacks and threats against authorities and ethnic leaders. “

Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities are also affected by this phenomenon, particularly in the departments of Chocó (west) and Cauca (southwest).

The report also states that “the deterioration of the situation in the department of Chocó is cause for alarm” and recalled that in early December 2019 the Ombudsman confirmed the displacement of 3,200 members from 17 ethnic communities in the municipality of Alto Baudó and the confinement of eight communities due to clashes between illegal armed groups.


On January 2, the defender of the People of Chocó, Luis Murillo, denounced that the inhabitants of the Pogue village, which is part of Bojayá, scene in 2002 of one of the worst killings of the armed conflict, began 2020 confined by the presence of men AGC armed forces.

The massacre of Bojayá occurred on May 2, 2002, when a bomb launched by the FARC guerrillas during a fight with paramilitaries for territorial control fell in the church, where part of the town had taken refuge and killed at least 79 people although other figures speak of 119 dead and dozens injured.

In recent days, the social leader Leyner Palacios left Bojayá due to death threats and yesterday he met in Bogotá with Colombian President Iván Duque, who asked him to resume peace talks with ELN to avoid further violence in the region.


Due to the death threats, the authorities reinforced the security of Palacios and Army soldiers were sent to Bojayá to investigate community complaints that warned of the presence of paramilitaries.

For his part, President Duque said Thursday that in 2019 there was a reduction in the murder of social leaders close to 25%. But that “that figure, of course, does not fill us with complacency at all. We have to advance every day so that the reduction is to reach zero because we reject that tragedy,” he said.


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