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A six month old wolverine He has been found shot dead in the Sierra del Rincón of Madrid, a copy that was participating in a study of a geolocation pilot project from the Community for its conservation, regional sources have confirmed to Europa Press.

It was a few days ago when the tracking technicians Flora and Fauna Conservation Area of the Community observed a stop of the activity of this wolf and went to look for him, finding him dead Tuesday in a place located in the municipality of Montejo de la Sierra, newspaper ABC has detailed.

The Community of Madrid has denounced the fact to the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard, which has opened an investigation to locate the author or authors of what happened, while they have performed the autopsy on the animal, to see If he had one or more shots.

Community: "Attacks on protected species are inconceivable"

The general director of Biodiversity and Natural Resources of the Community of Madrid, Luis del Olmo, has assured that "attacks on protected species are inconceivable in the 21st century and that the wolf is a species "that has maximum protection in the Community of Madrid and contributes to the sustainability of our ecosystems".

As Del Olmo has indicated to Europa Press, the Community of Madrid launched on December 3 a pilot project of geolocation of the wolf to study more accurately its behavior and habits. Currently, there are 40 wolves living in the Sierra Norte and Oeste of the region.

"This is a project that is good for all people of Madrid and we will continue with it as it will allow us to know the customs of this protected species in detail, improve the knowledge of the Iberian wolf for its conservation and thus be able to study in detail the associated damages to livestock and implement preventive measures with maximum guarantees, "he said.

Thanks to this location system, which are framed in the Management Plan for the Wolf of the Community of Madrid, Environmental technicians will also be able to analyze the trail that wolves leave through their feces and thus be able to examine them and know more thoroughly their eating habits and thus avoid or prevent attacks on livestock and influence the preventive actions necessary to the cohabitation of cattle and wolf populations.

GPS collar placement is a geolocation method that is used effectively for tracking many mammals, regional sources have insisted.

The ultimate goal of geolocation is know the displacements of the herds within the territory of Madrid, improve the knowledge of aspects of the ecology of the movement of the species, such as maximum daily distances or average ranges of displacement and also for the location of roads and highways crossing areas for the detection of risk areas of hit him.

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