January 28, 2021

They keep Urdangarin second grade with two departures a month but not Geneva

The Penitentiary Court of Valladolid has partially estimated, with opposition from the Fiscal Ministry, the appeal presented by Iñaki Urdangarin, which is maintained in the second degree and may leave the prison of Brieva (Ávila) two weekends per month but may not move to Geneva (Switzerland), where his family lives.

According to the judgment of the Court, facilitated by press the Superior Court of Justice of the Community, the decision will not be effective as long as it is not firm, and in the case that the Prosecutor’s Office resorts, for understanding that it is a third degree undercover, it will be the Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca, which handed down the sentence for the Nóos case that condemned the brother-in-law of the king, which resolves.

In a statement, the Superior Court of Justice has specified that in the resolution, the Court partially estimates Urdangarin’s petition, reaffirms the reasons already stated in the September 2019 order, confirmed by the Provincial Court of Avila and rejects that the election the compliance center and the way of life in isolation were decisions of the appellant, rather they would have been imposed by the Administration for security reasons and to preserve the life and integrity of the prisoner.

The application to the prisoner of aspects of the third degree, although it is in the second, such as the two weekend trips per month, is justified “in the exceptional situation of the isolation situation imposed (fourth case in the entire history of the prison system current) and the impossibility of implementing a special treatment program that cannot be executed otherwise. “

In the ruling, it affects that in twenty months of compliance with the sentence, the Administration has not made any measure of socialization of the prisoner.

In the car, the Penitentiary Surveillance Court of Valladolid rejects Urdangarin’s other request to be able to move on one of his weekend outings, and exceptionally, to travel to Geneva, where his wife, Infanta Cristina, and their children, due to the “principle of territoriality of the Criminal Law”.

King Felipe VI’s brother-in-law has been in Brieva prison since June 18, 2018, where he is serving a sentence of 5 years and ten months in prison for embezzlement, prevarication, fraud against the Administration, two tax crimes and influence peddling in the Nóos case.


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