They investigate if some organic remains belong to Romina Celeste, disappeared in Lanzarote

They investigate if some organic remains belong to Romina Celeste, disappeared in Lanzarote

A forensic expert from the Arrecife Courts examines organic remains found by a citizen on January 5 on a beach in eastern Lanzarote to rule out or confirm that they belong to Romina Celeste Núñez, the Paraguayan girl disappeared on the island on New Year's Eve.

This has been confirmed this Wednesday by the Civil Guard, when reporting a new investigation related to this case, in which the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Arrecife (Lanzarote) has ordered the imprisonment of the husband of the disappeared, Raúl D.C., who is accused of alleged crimes of murder or murder and habitual abuse.

The armed institute has specified that the citizen who found this "organic fragment" later deposited it in a solid waste container that was nearby.

However, he did not report his discovery to the Civil Guard until January 15, ten days later, after the photograph of the missing woman was released.

It was then when the agents in charge of the investigation began the opportune steps for the location and the verification of the information contributed by this person, some tasks that took to intervene the cited container and to transfer it to the Main Post of Costa Teguise, where it was submitted to a meticulous record that allowed to find a bag that contained the organic remains that were sought.

These remains have been sent to the corresponding forensic judge of the Arrecife Courts to prove their human or animal nature.

In the event that it is a human remains, it will be made, if possible, the corresponding DNA match to rule out or confirm its origin, details the Civil Guard in a statement.

The magistrate in charge of the Court of Instruction Number 1 of Arrecife has assumed this case in her capacity as judge with jurisdiction in crimes of male violence in Lanzarote, since she considers that there are indications that Raúl D.C. killed his wife, contrary to what he has sustained so far: who found her dead on New Year's Eve when she returned home, that got nervous and that only got rid of his corpse.

Raúl D.C. He was under surveillance by the Civil Guard from the moment he went to the barracks to report the disappearance of his wife, a week late.

According to judicial sources, the researchers intercepted a conversation of the suspect with a relative in which he told how he had gotten rid of his wife's corpse, when until that moment he had maintained that he did not know what had happened to him.

This precipitated his arrest, carried out on January 13. Raúl D.C. He then defended before the agents that he had not killed his wife, but acknowledged that he had tried to make his body disappear, first burning it in the garden of his house and then throwing his remains into the sea in various parts of the coast.



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