They investigate if Gimeno hired a detective to follow his ex-partner

Although THE PROVINCE tried to know the version of the president of the Canarian Association of Detectives on the matter, he declined to make any statements regarding the characteristics of the case.

Agents try to find out if the man received help separating the girls from their mother


In the work to try to locate the three people, the agents also try to determine if in their action to separate the minors from their mother they had the collaboration of one or more people, with whom they had previously agreed. Among other tasks undertaken, the Civil Guards are trying to find out if he has accessed a vessel heading to America, Africa or Europe.

Tomás Gimeno was a padel player who used to go to a club in the Los Cristianos area many years ago. In addition to his qualities for this modality, some colleagues define him as a fighter and very competitive. In fact, he managed to win some top-notch tournaments in Tenerife. In addition, another of his hobbies was motor racing. According to the sources consulted, he raced karting on numerous occasions. He also participated in a hill climb on the roads of the South of Tenerife and even signed up for a promotional flyer at one of the most important clubs in the Canary Islands, owned by a prominent former Tenerife driver. In fact, yesterday several photos of Gimeno wearing overalls from automobile competitions were released.

Search tasks of the Civil Guard from a patrol boat. | | LP / DLP Pf

According to the information released by Efe, the investigators continue to track the bank movements made by Tomás and, for now, those that have been detected are compatible with business activities. However, sources of the investigation confirmed that there are still some banking movements to analyze.

The man wanted for the kidnapping of the little girls appears as the sole administrator of a society dedicated to agriculture in the municipality of Arona. In addition, it should be remembered that his family has owned farms dedicated to the production of bananas for a long time in the Guaza area. In this extensive property there are also different warehouses used by external companies.

They release a new poster of the three people with the data in English, French and German


The analysis of the bank accounts, which was ordered by the court that instructs the proceedings for an alleged case of parental kidnapping, is part of one of the lines of investigation that have been opened to find out the whereabouts of Tomás and his two daughters, Olivia, six, and Anna, one.

High risk

The father was to have returned the girls last Tuesday, April 27, but, after having several conversations with the mother, he warned her that he would not see them again. The content of these calls and some messages was what raised the alarms of the Civil Guards and that the matter was classified from the beginning as "high risk", since there was an obvious intention to dismiss them. Yesterday a new poster about the three missing persons was released with their data in English, French and German. His mother, Beatriz Zimmermann, believes that they can be anywhere in the world and insists on her hope that they are alive.


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