They investigate an alleged abuse of a 10-year-old child over another five in Lleida | Society

They investigate an alleged abuse of a 10-year-old child over another five in Lleida | Society

The departments of Education and Social Affairs of the Generalitat investigate an alleged case of sexual abuse of a 10-year-old child to a partner of five from a school in Lleida. The school ensures that the events took place last year, but that until November he had no knowledge of them. They opened an investigation, but they assure that they could not reach any conclusion because "there was no evidence, only two contradictory versions", affirms the director.

The case has now come to light as a result of the denunciation of the family of the five-year-old child to the newspaper Segre. The victim's parents explain that they discovered what happened in October of last year and that their son explained that he had been abused by a partner. According to his version, the alleged assailant pushed him against the wall, lowered his pants and gave him oral sex.

According to the director, when they received the complaint, they implemented all the protocols to investigate what happened. The two parties were discussed and psychological support was offered to the five-year-old child. The alleged aggressor was expelled several days. "The other child's family asked for the definitive expulsion, but we could not do it. The two children have the same rights and we have to think about the two families because there is nothing proven ", defends the director, who attributes the fact that now the case is disseminated to a willingness to" punish "the school. The family of the five-year-old changed his center son.

The director says "be calm" for having followed "all the steps and protocols" that had indicated. Although the center did not reach any conclusion, it referred the case to the Children's Office. Sources of this institution confirm that the file arrived in December, but they referred it to the General Directorate of Child Care (DGAIA) since, if the crime was confirmed, the child is not imputable when being under 14 years of age.

For its part, both Education and Social Affairs and Families are limited to explain that for now they are in a phase of "information gathering" and "looking with magnifying glass" the procedures that have been followed and the steps that have been taken so far.


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