They investigate Abidal's involvement in the attack on a PSG player

Eric Abidal during his time at FC Barcelona.

Eric Abidal during his time at FC Barcelona.

Éric Abidal, former player of the Barcelona and former French international, will appear shortly for his possible involvement in the mysterious assault on the player of the PSG Kheira Hamrahoui and for which he had come to link his colleague Aminata Diallo.

As reported on Monday by the newspaper 'Le Monde', the Versailles prosecutor, Maryvonne Caillibotte, confirmed that Abidal - also a former sports director of FC Barcelona - will be "soon" interrogated and he does not rule out that the current woman, the 42-year-old ex-footballer, is also called up.

A revenge for a possible extramarital affair now gains strength as the main hypothesis of aggression. Hamrahoui's mobile card was in Abidal's name, confirming, in the eyes of investigators, a close relationship between the two.

Likewise, the player attacked on November 4 and Diallo, who witnessed the blows, heard one of the assailants say: "So What's the matter? Do we sleep with married men?".

Hamrahoui, 31, was beaten in the legs with an iron bar by two hooded men on the night of November 4 while he was driving with his PSG colleague Diallo, who was detained for 36 hours, but was later released without charge due to lack of evidence.

Investigators initially suspected that Diallo had orchestrated the attack on Hamrahoui, with the intention of injuring her and giving him more minutes to play. Both play in the same offensive midfield position. However, what was revealed this Monday by 'Le Monde' could give a definitive overturn to the investigation.


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